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Realtor Videography and Photography

Rossland and the surrounding area, the property market is fiercely competitive. Therefore, being noticed is important. In order to achieve the highest offer, your property video and photography in Rossland area must be striking, inviting and enticing. Above all, it must stand out. A Powerful First Impression: These days, most property buyers start their search online. This gives the Realtor only a few seconds to make a powerful first impression in the mind of a prospective buyer.

Shaky, jittery and fast movements in videos or Low-quality photos taken with a smart phone will not entice the buyer. It will not have the wide angles, accurate color separation, alignment, smooth video and professional editing.


Thus, that’s where I come in.
Whether you are a realtor or individual, I can help you get great photos/video or both. At an affordable rate.

If you have already taken the photos or video and need help re-editing or clearing up, I can help as well.

Services I provide :  

!coming soon!

  • Custom listing Property Website for individuals.

If you are interested or want to know more.
Please email me or ring, serving Rossland , Trail , Castlegar, Grand Forks** and West Kootenays.**
(** due to price of petrol additional charge for Grand Forks ($25)  and West Kootenays (please call))

Check out the demo reel for the examples of my work.

Every property deserves GOOD-LOOKING videos and photos.

If you have a property which is not great inside, we can just do the outside for a reduced price.

Realtor Videography

Fully edited.
2 mins to 5 mins in length.
Drone footage*.
Fully licensed Music.
Any addition info for the listings.
Ready for YouTube / MLS.

"Please note extra apartments/granny flats, building on property or extra large acreage  additional charges may occur please call"

*Drone photo/video NOTES

Not all videos can have drone footage or drone photos due:
to flight/area restrictions, local laws, access to area, tree coverage, tall buildings, overhead wiring, weather.

Realtor Photography

All photo services are high quality DSLR photos of the house interior, exterior and backyard.

master photography

30  plus Images. (depending on size of property)

  • All professionally Retouched.
  • Detail shots: Included.
  • Window pulls: Included. (pulling in the view from the window and making it visible in the picture)
  • Lighting: Advanced lighting setup, using external flash and ambient lighting.
  • Flambient photography: Included. (allowing the true colors to show.)
  • Shot framing: Crafted real estate composition.
  • Image editing: Advanced, blending, color and photoshop work.
  • Extra photoshop work (ie tv screen replacement, fireplace enhancement )
  • Time on site :  1 hour to 3 hours.

Standard photography

25  plus Images. (depending on size of property)

  • All professionally Retouched. 
  • Detail shots: n/a
  • Window pulls: n/a
  • Lighting: Ambient plus standard flash shots if needed.
  • Shot framing:  Standard wide shot of each room.
  • Image editing : Basic or HDR processing (in camera).
  • Time on site :  45mins to 1 hour.

Three image sizes: Ready for email, web and print.
Logo/texted on each photo optional.

"Please note extra apartments/granny flats, building on property or extra large acreage  additional charges may occur please call"



Floor plans available in feet or meters.
File format : Jpg, png or svg.


Modern viewer-driven walk-throughs of spaces with 3D virtual tours.

What’s included, vr walk through by Matterport, dollhouse view, 360 views for garden, patio, deck or outside where needed, for the Matterport tour.

 Matterport 3D tour hosting until property is sold (up to 6 months)  Included (if needed.)

Just remember getting video or photos by me will saves you time, allowing you more time to concentrate on what you do best , selling property.